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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

If we do not have sun, we paint it... if we do not have grass, we paint it... if we do not have flowers, we paint them... if we do not have butterflies, we paint them... We paint them with the soul, we paint them with the heart, feeling their warmth, their light, their touch, their color, their flight... We paint as wonder... as story we paint... as longing... as call we paint ... And then the sun, the grass, the flowers, the butterflies will find us... they will find us by the beauty we iradiate...

Nu avem soare, îl pictam... nu avem iarba, o pictam... nu avem flori, le pictam... nu avem fluturi, îi pictam... Cu sufletul pictam, cu inima pictam, simtindu-le efectiv caldura, lumina, atingerea, culoarea, zborul... A mirare pictam... a poveste pictam... a dor pictam... a chemare pictam... Si atunci soarele, iarba, florile, fluturii ne vor gasi... Ne vor gasi dupa frumosul pe care il emitem...
Syona painting

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