LIQUID POETRY (a.k.a. SHAMBALA) – Original. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 150x100x4 cm, 2020


This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic paint and gold leaf on stretched canvas. Framing is not required. The artwork is signed on the front, provided with a certificate of authenticity and is sold unframed, ready to hang.



Originally, Syona created “Liquid Poetry” for a Multi-Media Art Performance named “The Liquid Poetry of Soul”, she presented in 2019 in some prestigious art venues in Bucharest, such as the National Gallery of Romania, the Romanian Academy Library or the National Museum of Music “George Enescu”. But then, in 2020, she got back to it to add the final touch. The element celebrated in this artwork is Water, primordial element, substance of birth and death, out of which all forms are born and into which they all return. Water is the beginning and the end of every cosmic cycle. With powerful germinating and purifying functions, water synthesize the sense of beginning and regeneration by dissolving, erasing history. Dark memories (represented by the gloomy space, layered, on the bottom left of the painting) can be rewritten through the process of purification by water, and lead, step by step, to the ascended evolution of light. Successive bridges, a sign of succession of life, from one stage to another, from one incarnation to another, emphasize regeneration.

Liquid Poetry

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